Hair care is all down to the PRODUCTS!

‘Ladies… and Gents!

We spend our hard earned money on our hair, especially colour. We often get clients saying, “it always feels so good when I’m in here”.

Well, it’s all down to the PRODUCTS we use!

I make sure throughout my clients’ time in the salon, that I am topping their hair up with all my favourite products that make the hair feel amazing –
inside and out. I am such a believer in professional hair care and it really does make a difference. You pay for the research and ingredients that truly treats your hair to the nutrients it deserves.

So my advice is ‘invest in good products’, as they will lock in all that colour you’ve just paid for, instead of going home and washing it with washing up liquid (high street products). I know this seems dramatic but I can’t stress enough how much better your hair will perform with the right stuff!

Until next month.

Master Colour Expert